A wordsmith who waged war on the 2013 Christmas charts with his flatulent anthem Windy Xmas has delivered the next instalment of his alternative universe - a book trilogy.

Sacred Wind, which tells the story of a sound engineer transported into another reality in which unauthorised farting is banned and sheep run pubs, is the latest insight into Andy Coffey’s weird and wonderful imagination.

Andy, who lives with his partner, son and stepchildren in Frodsham, traded in music journalism and an attempt at rock superstardom in the late 1980s for a career in IT.

But the lure of the written word proved too strong and so he spent eight months writing the book and another six editing his masterpiece, which he likened to ‘being set free from a cage of mundanity’.

By the author’s own admission, Sacred Wind is a ‘wacky alternative reality with conscious curries, head-banging sheep, magic cheese, an evil Baron, some very sexy faeries and a Welsh Viking flatulence rock band’.

Andy would like to see the book adapted to the silver screen some day: “I think it would make this transition very successfully.

“A mix of live action and animation would be ideal.”

Customer reviews on Amazon variously describe the book as ‘absolutely hilarious’ and a ‘rip-roaring comedy adventure’.

It’s been a productive year for Andy, having reached number 55 in the Amazon singles chart with his Christmas single, which was in aid of mental health charity Mind and won the backing of comedian Stephen Fry.

The complete trilogy is available to purchase in paperback and on Kindle.