A LIBERAL Democrat parliamentary hopeful who campaigned against domestic violence was assaulted by her ex-husband.

Rosalind Tan, previously known as Mia Jones, a candidate for the Chester seat in 2005, was slapped by former spouse Trevor Glyn Jones of Burwardsley Road, Tattenhall, who was found guilty after a trial.

Miss Tan, 51, an ex-Chester city councillor, who led a zero tolerance campaign against domestic violence, was left with a swollen and reddened cheek following the July 29 incident.

Trouble erupted after Jones drove to Miss Tan’s address, their former marital home in Wrexham Road, Pulford, to pick up a relative, Northwich magistrates heard.

But Jones, son of Sir Trevor Jones, former Lib Dem leader of Liverpool City Council, was angered after Miss Tan handed over a bag containing valuable crockery against his wishes saying there was no room in the two-seater Peugeot convertible. The top plate broke and Jones, 58, said he cut his hands as he brushed shards from the passenger seat.

Miss Tan, who went back to the house to fetch the rest of the crockery, told the court: “I could see him kicking the crockery and smashing them in the driveway.”

“I walked out towards him because he was marching towards the house. I said ‘you must leave’ and he raised his right hand to me and said ‘look at the blood on my hand’. As I looked, his other hand came across and smashed me across the face.”

Miss Tan picked up an outdoor table to defend herself but dropped it after realising she was about to “do something terrible”.

A tearful Miss Tan recounted running inside but Jones jammed the door with his foot as she struggled to dial 999.

Jones, who had pleaded not guilty, told magistrates he held up his bloodied hands as he pleaded to be able to wash them inside. Accepting one hand may have accidentally made contact, he explained: “My hand will have brushed her cheek, that’s all.” But he insisted: “I didn’t slap Miss Tan”.

Jones will be sentenced on November 15.