A HEROIC marine killed in a bomb blast in Afghanistan will be remembered in an emotional football match.

Former teammates and friends of specialist engineer Alexander Lucas, who played for Newton Athletic for seven years, will play a game in honour of their football-mad pal this weekend.

Born in Southampton, ‘Alec’ grew up in Chester, living with parents Adrian and Susan and older brother Richard on Liverpool Road for 12 years before his family moved to Peebles, near Edinburgh.

He was buried there with full military honours in December.

The 24-year-old died three weeks after he was deployed when, working with Afghan troops clearing improvised explosive devices, one went off on October 24.

Alec attended Upton Heath Primary School and Upton High School and from 1992 to 1999, played for Newton Athletic FC.

Tragically, Alec, who became a father to daughter Cara last year, planned to quit the marines to marry his fiancée Jill Drummond at Edinburgh Castle in July. His old friend Danny Jones was to be his best man.

Danny, who lived close to Alec on Wealstone Lane, Upton, had the idea for Sunday’s game.

He said: “We were best mates. I went to school with him when I was four and he moved to Scotland when he was 16.

“He died for his country doing what he enjoyed doing. But it’s just what he’s left behind – his fiancée and one-year-old.”

Last year, he returned to the city to see some of his old friends after a tour of duty in Iraq.

Chester City’s Eddie Johnson, Alec’s friend and a Newton Athletic teammate, will play in Sunday’s game.

His dad Dave Johnson, who coached Alec, said: “He was a really bright lad on and off the pitch.”

This Sunday’s game will be between Newton Athletic FC under 18s and 11 of Alec’s friends and teammates.

His parents and fiancée will travel from Peebles to be presented with the memorial trophy which will be awarded every year by Newton Athletic. Kick off is at 11am at the County Officers Sports Club, on the West Cheshire pitch.