Flood damage at village near Chester is revealed in drone footage

Footage captured by University of Chester employee shows River Dee flooding at Holt turning fields and hedgerows into lakes

The huge extent of flooding caused by incessant rain around the River Dee at Holt near Chester has been captured in this sweeping fly-by footage.

Green fields and hedgerows have been turned into lakes for as far as the eye can see next to the picturesque village, amid fears that new housing developments being built in the Wrexham area could be a cause of the problem.

The ground became so sodden in recent heavy rain that floods have covered the area for two months, with no sign of them drying up.

This footage was captured on Saturday by IT technician Alex Foster, who flew a drone equipped with a camera across the area to show the flooding’s extent.

University of Chester IT technician and drone flyer Alex Foster captures flooding in Holt

Holt community councillor Paul Gaade said the water table has risen at the Dee and the hundreds of new homes being built towards Wrexham - many with paving-slabbed back gardens - have left the water with nowhere to go.

He said: “The water table has risen, so the River Dee doesn’t burst its banks. Rather, the water is coming up through the ground in other places.

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“It is just the way it is now, but I think it is because from the golf course towards Wrexham there have been hundreds of new homes built, some which have paving slabs or concrete in the back garden. There is no natural soakaway where there once was.

“This can now happen two or three times a year if we get heavy rain.”

University of Chester IT technician and drone flyer Alex Foster captures flooding in Holt

It is not the first time Alex, an employee of the University of Chester, has used a drone to capture stuning footage from the air.

He has also filmed Denbighshire ’s Horseshoe Falls, which sit on the River Dee near Llangollen.

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Alex said: “I’ve been fascinated by flight since the age of four but, unfortunately, being colour blind has prevented me from pursuing a career as a pilot.

“Flying lessons are cost prohibitive, so the development in consumer Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology has been something that has really captured my imagination.

University of Chester IT technician and drone flyer Alex Foster captures flooding in Holt

“I’m constantly on the lookout for places of interest that I can then capture from an entirely different perspective and share with others online.”

After recent reports of potentially fatal near misses between drones and planes at UK airports, Alex reiterated the need for those who fly drones as a hobby to follow safety guidelines.

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He said: “Given the recent media interest in the rise of poor UAV conduct, I would like to point out that the guidelines in place by the Civil Aviation Authority are there for our benefit as hobbyists.

“I would hope that, in the long term, the actions of the few do not spoil this wonderful hobby for the many of us who fly by the guidelines and take great pleasure from what we do.”

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