A young boy was rescued by firefighters after trapping his leg in a climbing frame.

Freddie Duncan became trapped in a climbing frame at an outdoor pub play area on Parkgate Road, Chester, after his foot slipped between two of the frame’s bars.

As he fell, the weight of his fall forced his knee further through the bars, trapping his leg.

Chester Fire’s Green Watch team were called to help release the six-year-old who was playing with his friends at a birthday party.

Luckily, Freddie managed to escape unharmed.

Richie Gerrard, Watch Manager, said: “When Freddie’s foot slipped between the bars the weight of him falling had forced his knee through, locking it in place.

“We used road traffic collision equipment, which we often use for cutting open cars and rescuing people, to bend the frame bars and release his knee.

“Young children are prone to slips and trips and a lot of parents will tell you that no matter how closely you watch them accidents do happen.

“The best advice we can give is that if your child does become trapped whilst playing and you find yourself unable to help, keep them calm and call the fire and rescue service.

“Freddie’s parents did a fantastic job soothing their child whilst we were able to free his leg.

“Freddie was very brave during what can be a scary situation for a lot of children his age.”