“ARSONISTS” targeted Bunbury Cricket Club yesterday afternoon (Thursday August 14) setting alight the wooden pavilion and causing serious structural damage.

A groundsman spotted the smoke pluming from the pavilion, on School Lane at around 4pm and quickly called the fire brigade.

Fire crews from Nantwich and Malpas attended the fire. On arrival they used breathing apparatus to enter the building and a hose reel to extinguish the blaze.

A positive pressure ventilation fan was used to clear the smoke and a thermal imaging camera used to locate hotspots.

Chairman of Bunbury Cricket Club, Lee Greenbury said: “It appears the pavilion has been entered through the back and set alight.

“There was an awful lot of smoke damage, and we believe structural damage. Some people think it will be able to be repaired while as others are calling it a right off. At the moment we just don’t know.

“Police forensic officers have been there, and the insurance company informed.

“The pavilion is of course completely wooden so we are extremely lucky we didn’t lose the whole thing.

“It has been rendered unusable. We are hoping everybody will pull together to make sure tomorrow’s game goes ahead. We are planning to get some tents together for changing rooms.”

A Police spokesman said the incident is currently under investigation.