A DECISION by Cheshire West and Chester Council to refuse consent for advertising displays at a Green Belt filling station was upheld by a planning inspector.

The appeal arose at the Tall Trees Filling Station on Tarporley Road, Lower Whitley at the junction of Tarporley Road and Northwich Road.

Applicants Primesite Ltd told the council they were seeking approval for two free standing, double sided displays which would be internally illuminated.

Permission was withheld and the company appealed with inspector Kay Sheffield being appointed to decide the application.

The main issues are the effect of the displays on highway safety and visual amenity, according to the inspector.

Although the area surrounding the filling station is mainly rural, the filling station itself is close to an hotel, a cafe, offices and a lorry park.

The displays had already been erected with one on each of the roads.

She accepted that both signs would either be partly screened or set against other signage or features such as a post box and a bus stop.

Both were relatively close to the busy junction, which has traffic signals, but she did not believe that either would be so distracting or confusing they would create a hazard or a danger for people nearby who were taking reasonable care of their own or others safety.

The inspector felt that overall the locality was essentially rural.

The display on Northwich Road was detrimental to the character of the area and to the visual amenity of the Green Belt.

The advertising on Tarporley Road was also detrimental as it added to the clutter of signs along that frontage.

Dismissing the appeal, she said the displays were harmful to the character and appearance of the area.