A VILLAGE school has been given the green light to build an extension to replace mobile classrooms.

Cheshire West and Chester Council said it was intending to replace two dated mobiles at Ashton Hayes Primary School with the two classroom extension.

The mobiles are at the front of the Church Road school which is set in the village conservation area. They would be removed.

The new extension would be single-storey to match the school building and would also be at the front.

Full support for the application came from Ashton Hayes Parish Council.

The replacement of the mobiles was welcomed by conservation specialists at the borough council who believed the application would enhance the character of the conservation area.

Planning officers had two representations, raising concerns the new build could lead to increased pupil numbers at the school where there were said to be traffic issues.

There was no objection if the extension replaced the mobile classrooms.

The classrooms would not be much larger in floor area than the mobiles they would replace, stated the report.

There would be no unacceptable harm to the openness of that part of the green belt and the extension would have benefits for the community.

The new classrooms would provide for modern teaching methods and their design would not be out of keeping.

There was no suggestion the extension would lead to an increase in pupil numbers.

The application was recommended for approval and the extension had permission.