A PERVERT who superimposed his own face onto vile child porn images has avoided prison.

Peter Dean, of Mulberry Close, Elton admitted 16 counts of making indecent photographs and pseudo-photographs of children.

Dean, 47, had been collecting sick pictures since 1999. They included one showing an adult having sexual intercourse with a child with his face superimposed onto the adult’s and a schoolgirl’s onto the child’s.

Chester Crown Court heard on Monday that while the images found on his computer were predominantly of the least severe grading, there were six level two, 11 level three and eight level four – the second most extreme.

Prosecutor Martin McRobb said Dean “lived in his own fantasy world”.

He added: “His home was the subject of a cursory search when a small number of laminated pseudo images of children were seized.

“During a more extensive search later that afternoon, police seized a large collection of compact discs, video tapes, dolls and computer hardware.”

Dean admitted the charges in interview saying depression had driven him to commit the crimes.

Mr McRobb continued: “When personal relationships failed, he began to use pornography and particularly child porn and said he viewed it for shock value rather than gratification.

“He said nothing would happen in reality – it was all just fantasy. To live in the real world, in his words, ‘led to heartache and heartbreak’.”

Sentencing, Judge Stephen Clarke said nothing would be achieved by giving Dean the short custodial sentence Government guidelines allowed.

He told Dean: “When acts of intercourse are shown you’re actually seeing children being raped before your very eyes.”

The judge placed Dean on Cheshire’s sex offender treatment programme and under probation service supervision for three years.

He was also ordered to sign the sex offenders register for seven years for 10 counts of possessing indecent images of children, four of making indecent pseudo-photographs and one of possessing 67 further indecent images up to level four.