A woman has admitted stealing three cheques and fraud involving more than £40,000.

Amy Louise Waite, 23, had previously pleaded not guilty and was due to go on trial at Mold Crown Court next week.

But on Thursday (September 1) she admitted all six offences.

Judge Niclas Parry bailed her pending sentence but warned that all options including custody would remain open.

Waite, of Grosvenor Wharf Road in Ellesmere Port, admitted that between June and November of last year she stole three cheques from another woman.

Then she admitted three fraud charges by dishonestly claiming she was entitled to receive £15,000, then £10,000 and then £13,000 from the victim’s account.

Waite, a woman of good character, admitted two further fraud charges involving the withdrawal of some £6,000 from cash machines from accounts held by the victim.

Defending barrister Michael Whitty said it was Waite’s case that the victim had been refunded by the bank and that the bank had taken the money back from her own account, so that no one had lost out and she had not gained the £38,000 from the original three cheques herself.

The judge said that would make a difference in sentence but said evidence to show that she had not touched a penny of the money and that it had been returned would be needed by the next occasion.