A teenager from Ellesmere Port has been freed from jail by top judges on appeal.

The 17-year-old was locked up after pulling a knife on her dad’s drinking pal.

She had 'snapped' after accusing him of calling her a 'pikey' and making a sexually suggestive remark.

She took a knife from the kitchen and made to stab him, before being disarmed and pushed to the floor.

The victim was then attacked by another man and left the flat bleeding heavily.

The teenager was convicted of causing GBH with intent and sentenced to 27 months’ custody at Chester Crown Court last September.

But today, January 17, after hearing of the girl’s terrible upbringing, three senior judges at the Court of Appeal overturned her sentence.

Mr Justice Blake ordered that she be released from detention and instead be rehabilitated in the community.

The court heard the teenager had suffered a troubled upbringing with two hard-drinking parents.

She was on the child protection register from a young age and had to be moved to live with other family members.

However, she began seeing more and more of her alcoholic father and associating with men, appeal judges were told.

It was while she was at her father’s flat in December 2015 - surrounded by drunks and alcoholics - that she attacked the man.

However, the court heard she had been provoked by the sexually suggestive remark and the slur.

Mr Justice Blake, sitting with Lord Justice Simon and Judge Anthony Leonard QC, said the sentence the girl received was too tough.

“The purpose of sentence in this context is to prevent reoffending and promote the welfare of the child offender,” he said.

“In all the circumstances, we conclude that this court can and should interfere with the sentence imposed by the recorder.

“She has had the experience of four months’ detention, to which she has responded with remarkable enthusiasm and a striking degree of cooperation and commitment.

“We are persuaded that the sentence should be quashed and substituted by a youth rehabilitation order with intensive supervision and surveillance.”

The girl will be supervised for two years and on curfew for two months.