Ellesmere Port and Reutlingen Friendship Group has busy 2017 ahead

Representatives return from -14C visit to discuss work experience exchanges

Vice chairman of the Ellesmere Port/Reutlingen Friendship Group Keith Butcher (right) during a visit to discuss work experience exchanges

With their 50th anniversary celebrations successfully over, the Ellesmere Port/Reutlingen Friendship Group already has a busy programme for 2017.

The group has met the town’s charter trustees with a request for funding to support its work with chairman Toni Cioma, vice chairman Keith Butcher and treasurer Joan Butcher attending.

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Shortly afterwards the vice chairman and treasurer visited Reutlingen in German winter temperatures plunging to -14C to explore the possibility of promoting work experience exchanges.

Discussions took place with heads of schools and vocational college principals with the hope there will be exchanges involving both Reutlingen and Ellesmere Port students.

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A German Special Olympics group of eight students and four carers will visit Ellesmere Port from April 28 to May 2 and will be hosted by the Ellesmere Port Special Olympics Group.

This exchange has the support of both the Reutlingen and Ellesmere Port Lions Clubs.

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In May/June it is hoped that an exchange between the Lions Clubs of Ellesmere Port and Reutlingen will take place while an invitation is being sent to Ellesmere Port Swimming Club to attend an anniversary regatta in the German town.

An art and rock band exchange is being arranged for Reutlingen’s Kurt Festival which usually involves the Reutlingen Volkshochschule and West Cheshire College. In July/August an internship of 4-6 weeks for a German student at Chester University.

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In August it is anticipated some students from Whitby High School will attend a Reutlingen summer camp for two weeks.

An invitation has been extended to students from an Ellesmere Port school and an academic high school in Reutlingen to for a nature and environment exchange.

Reutlingen is also offering a three-week scholarship to enable a Chester University student to join in an intensive language course at Reutlingen University while in October a group of students will visit London where they are hoping MP Justin Madders will be able to arrange a tour of Parliament for them.

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Also in October students from each of Reutlingen’s seven twin towns will be invited to participate in an international youth project about the involvement of young people in local politics.

In December the Friendship Group will again travel to Germany to take part in the Christmas Market for the 10th year.

Reutlingen still welcomes more groups to become involved in the exchange scheme especially youth groups.

Contact the group via or by phoning 07876 567335 or 0151 327 5191 for details.

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