What would you do to ease the pressure on the Countess of Chester Hospital?

Only by having a strong economy can we have strong public services. By sticking to our long term economic plan we have been able to invest in our NHS, increasing spending every year over the last Parliament.

I am proud that we have announced we would invest a further £2bn in the NHS every year of the next Parliament. This will help to ensure we have world-class health provision here in Chester.

Do you think that the University of Chester should be allowed to expand unabated?

The University of Chester is providing more opportunities for our young people and investing in the local community, with facilities like the Riverside Innovation Centre.

However, I am aware that some communities are worried about the growth of the university. That is why it is essential we have good local councillors elected to stand up for local residents and to work with the university for the good of the community. I am in favour of localism and people on the ground making decisions for themselves.

How would you coordinate roadworks in the city to ensure the least disruption to commuters?

The Conservatives are investing £21m a year into local roads, and I have lobbied hard to secure improvements to vital main roads, such as at the A55/ A483 junction.

Whilst roadworks are inconvenient for commuters, these are essential works, which are long overdue and were ignored by the last Labour Government.

However, I realise that they can be inconvenient in the short term so it is vital that the local council, utility companies and the Highways Agency work together to coordinate these works.

What is your tourist and shopping strategy for the city?

I will champion Chester at every opportunity. That is why I am delighted that we have had a record number of new businesses start up in our city.

The Conservatives are working hard to cut red-tape and reduce the costs for small businesses, allowing more to open for business, them to expand, and for them to take on new staff. By sticking to our long term economic plan we can make sure that Chester remains on the up.

Are plans for the theatre ambitious enough?

It was a cultural crime when Labour and the Lib Dems closed the old Gateway Theatre.

I am proud to have championed our local Conservative Council’s plans for the restoration of the Odeon and a new theatre, library and cultural centre.

The chair of the Arts Council recently described our plans as the ‘most ambitious project in the country’. I will continue to work with the local council to ensure our new theatre opens on time and on budget.

What are your plans to support Cheshire West and Chester Council in light of further cuts to its annual budget?

I am proud that the Conservatives have been able to freeze council tax in Cheshire West & Chester to help hardworking families.

By sticking to our long-term economic plan we can ensure that we have a strong economy to provide strong public services.

The mess that Labour left us in will take time to put right, and savings need to be found. However, it is the Conservatives that are cutting waste and bureaucracy, ensuring that we can protect front line services.

Stephen Mosley Fact File:

  • Education: King Edwards School, Birmingham, then a chemistry degree from the University of Nottingham
  • Occupation: Member of Parliament for the City of Chester (2010-2015). Before tha he serviced as a city and county councillor in Chester and worked as an IT consultant
  • Home: Stephen has lived in Chester, near Westminster Park with his young family, for more than 20 years
  • Website: www.stephen-mosley.co.uk
  • Twitter: @stephen_mosley
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/stephen.mosley.chester

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