Chester Queen’s School pupils are celebrating another hugely successful year of A-levels with 78% of girls getting into their first choice university and 95% securing a place at either their first or second choice.

This year’s results saw more than a third of pupils achieve three or more straight A*/As and over 40% came away with at least one A* grade.

Among the success stories this year are Eleanor Jones, from Chester, who achieved A*s in chemistry, maths and physics, as well as A grades in French and further maths and an A* in her EPQ in quantum physics.

She’s taking a year out before applying to study medicine.

Queen’s School girl Ele Jones celebrates after getting 3 A*s, 2As and an A* in her EPQ
Queen’s School girl Ele Jones celebrates after getting 3 A*s, 2As and an A* in her EPQ

Hannah Roberts, from Wrexham, secured four straight A*s to study natural sciences at Cambridge University.

She will be joined by Ankita Sani, from Chester, who got 3 A*s and an A to study medicine at the same prestigious university.

Kara Chin, from Chester, achieved the highest possible D1 score in her Pre-U art (higher than an A*) and As in both maths and chemistry too. She will now go to the City and Guilds of London Art School to study art foundation.

Amy Heron (A*A*A), from Great Sutton, will be going to Lancaster University to study medicine and Surgery and Kate Enevoldson (A*A*A*A), from Parkgate, will be off to St Andrew’s University to study maths.

Emily Kelly (AAA), from Chester, has secured a place at Leeds to study dentistry, Elham Moghimi (A*AA), from Chester, will be going to Manchester to study biomedical sciences and Hannah Holme gained an A* and 2As and is now considering either medicine and pharmacology.

Eleanor Riddy (A*A*A), from Chester, heads to Goldsmiths to study English and creative writing, Kirsty Rhodes (AAA), from Neston, goes to Leeds to study English and Spanish, Katya Nell (A*A*A), from Chester, will study Swahili and development at SOAS in London, Katherine Lewis (AAAB), from Wrexham, will study Law at Durham and Verity Wilson (A*AAA), from Ruthin, heads to Bath to study accountancy and finance.

Francesca Berry (A*A*AA), from Flintshire, is now taking a year out before applying to study veterinary science and Imogen Regnart-Butler, from Malpas, gained 2 A grades at A level and a D2 (equivalent to an A*) in Pre-U art and is also taking a year out before deciding where her future lies.

The Queen’s School continues with its 100% A level pass rate for the seventh year in a row and this year more than 80% of the grades were at A*-B.

Headmistress Sarah Clark said: “I’m enormously proud of the achievements of our girls this year.

“When I speak to them about their ambitions for the future I’m staggered by the range of fascinating and exciting career paths they have planned. We have budding authors, pilots, vets, surgeons, artists and engineers and I have no doubt that they will take forward what they have learnt here at Queen’s and use it throughout their life to succeed in whatever they do.”

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