An item on The One Show on BBC One this month, was recorded at Cheshire Military Museum in Chester.

The piece, aired at 7pm on Wednesday, February 26, features former MP Edwina Currie, accompanied by her German Shepherd Honey and military dog expert Brian Wootton, discussing the breed's role as a military dog from the Great War to the present day.

They spent a day at the museum recording, using the displays, in particular the First World War trench, as a backdrop to their piece.


Curator Major Eddie Pickering said: "We were delighted to have The One Show at the Museum. Their visit prompted us to search the archives for any information about dogs in the military and in doing so we came across a story about two very well loved terriers belonging to officers stationed here at Chester Castle.

"Kim and Susan were a pair of terriers who belonged to two of the officers stationed at Chester Castle in the early twentieth century. They were great friends from their first meeting during a battle between two companies (on exercise) to being buried next to each other at the foot of the castle wall.

"Photographs and an article written in 1928 show that their little white head stones were in the castle moat but the museum is yet to find them!"

An epitaph for the terriers shows how well loved they were, referring to them as: Little Presbyterian terriers of the Twenty-Second Regiment who after many happy hunts in days of yore now rest side by side beneath the walls of Chester Castle.