A group of divers got more than they bargained for when they came across a ‘gun’ and a submerged car in the River Dee at Eccleston Ferry.

Eleven members of Wirral Sub-Aqua Club had been indulging in an early season dive when they made the discoveries on Saturday (April 11).

Alan Cohen and Ian Jackson found the ‘gun’, which turned out to be an imitation firearm, wrapped in a plastic bag while Clare Sherliker and Chris Gregory found the rusty vehicle, which was missing its doors and bonnet.

Members of Wirral Sub-Aqua Diving Club
Members of Wirral Sub-Aqua Diving Club

Members contacted the police and an underwater search was mounted later that day.

Jennifer Scholey, from Wirral Sub-Aqua Club, said the items are ‘unusual sights’ for divers and that their meeting turned into ‘a rather exciting morning out’.

“They had been expecting to find broken pottery, old bottles, the occasional flatfish and an abundance of sand and gravel,” she added.

A spokesman for Cheshire Constabulary said the imitation firearm is not thought to be related to the car, which they believe has been in the water for some time and that police will not be investigating the matter any further.

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