A DISABLED MAN in a wheelchair had his treasured ring forced off his finger in a city park.

Kurt Stretton, 28, of Hoole Road, Chester, was ‘distressed’ and ‘frightened’ after the gold ring was taken by a man in Alexandra Park, Hoole, leaving his finger red and swollen.

This is not the first time that Kurt, who has cerebral palsy, has been victimised in the park.

Eight years ago he was approached by a group of teenagers who fed him an ecstasy tablet, washed down with vodka, telling him it would make him walk.

His mother, Suzanne said: “I had to explain that if there was any tablet that could make him walk, I would have given it to him years ago.”

He was taken to hospital after it reacted badly with other medication he was taking, and it is still affecting his health now.”

This latest attack happened last Wednesday at about 3.30pm. He was approached by a man in his 30s who he had seen before but never spoken to.

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