THE biggest exhibit in Chester Zoo’s history, featuring 13 life-size, animatronic dinosaurs starts tomorrow.

The Dinosaurs at Large! exhibition has been brought from the US and stars mechanical replicas of creatures that walked the earth 200 million years ago.

It is the first time the dinosaurs have been in the UK.

The animatronic beasts will be stomping into the zoo and settling on the lawns next to Islands in Danger until October 8.

The models move, roar and some even spit water and among the featured species is the giant Apatosaurus, with its distinctive long neck and whip-like tail, the evil-looking Dilophosaurus with its long, sharp claws and the awesome Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The exhibit aims to highlight the threat of extinction – showing in no uncertain terms that if humans don’t act and get involved in conservation, then many iconic species such as black rhino and orangutans could follow the plight of the dinosaurs and completely die out within our children’s lifetime.

Junior paleontologists can also take part in Fossil Discovery or have their faces painted and entry is included in the zoo admission.