DINOSAURS will come back to life at Chester Zoo this year in what promises to be one of the most exciting and most interactive exhibits ever seen in a UK zoo.

The new exhibition, featuring 19 life-like mechanical replicas of the creatures that roamed the earth 200 million years ago, will open on April 1.

Boasting realistic movements and sounds, the dinosaurs will include the giant Brachiosaurus, the iconic Stegosaurus and the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex - the most feared land predator of all time.

The animated robots from America will be part of an atmospheric outdoor trail called Dinosaurs Bite Back! – and will show visitors exactly what it would have been like to get close to such huge beasts.

With ‘dinosaur keepers’ on-hand to teach families all about the inhabitants and a series of special effects in place, the exhibition promises to be a highly interactive experience for visitors.

It will run until November 4 and will be open every day.

Dinosaurs Bite Back! promises to feature a bigger, better and bolder set of animatronic dinosaurs than were seen in Dinosaurs at Large!, an exhibition that featured at the zoo in 2011.

The zoo saw attendance rocket off the back of the event – with more 1.4 million people passing through its gates for the first time – as the prehistoric robots captured visitors’ imaginations.

Dinosaurs at Large! was named Best Event at the 2011 Marketing Cheshire Awards.

Dinosaurs DUE to feature in Dinosaurs Bite Back! include: Tyranosaurus Rex; T-Rex baby; Stegosaurus; Stegosaurus baby; Brachiosaurus; Quetzalcoatus; Megalosaurus; Edmontonia; and Parasarolophus.