A ‘digital supergroup’ of more than 200 musicians from 30 countries - who have never met - can be seen in action at Chester Storyhouse on Saturday, July 28 at 8pm.

Addictive TV present their global project Orchestra of Samples in which the musicians will be combined, sampled and reimagined to create new music of unique fusions, crossing multiple styles and cultures.

Six years in the making, the duo of Graham Daniels and Mark Vidler filmed improvised recording sessions with musicians around the world, then ingeniously sampled and spliced them together to create the whole project.

The result is a digital supergroup of international artists who never met but play together on-screen.

Orchestra of Samples features top musicians in their field and documents a range of unusual localised instruments on recordings made in Brazil, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Senegal, Colombia, across Europe and many other countries including Bhutan in the Himalayas.

Daniels said: “We began Orchestra of Samples with no preconceptions, just a curiosity to explore musical possibilities.

“It’s about bringing people together, about creating something that you didn’t know you could.”

Joining them for this special one-off performance on this musical journey without borders will be Parisian fretless-guitar virtuoso Alejandro de Valera and the incredible Iranian percussionist Arian Sadr from Manchester’s award-winning Haymanot Tesfa Trio.

Orchestra of Samples is a uniquely vast undertaking which grew out of Addictive TV’s much-lauded live audiovisual shows.

Daniels and Vidler (aka mashup king Go Home Productions) have been at the forefront of audio and video remixing for nearly two decades.

Addictive TV were also twice voted #1 VJ in the world alongside the Top 100 DJ poll in DJ Mag and were the first artists sanctioned by a Hollywood studio to remix a film, with the Antonio Banderas 2006 movie Take the Lead.

Further details about Orchestra of Samples can be seen at www.orchestraofsamples.com

Tickets cost £18 and are available from www.storyhouse.com/event/addictive-tv-orchestra-samples