GIANT turbines will power almost 25,000 homes, create new jobs and help give a massive boost to the local economy, say developers.

On Friday (October 19) Peel Energy welcomed the announcement their plans to build an onshore wind farm on Frodsham Marshes had been given the green light by the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

Now the developers have revealed to The Chronicle that the construction of the 19 turbines will create 50 new jobs and, once built, supply electricity to 24,765 homes across Frodsham, Helsby, Elton, Ince and Alvanley.

Although Peel Energy have not revealed when construction work will begin at the site it is expected that the 80M high turbines will take two to three years to be built, meaning the blades could be turning as soon as 2016.

Peel are currently reviewing the details of the consent and have said they will not reveal any more details about the 25 year scheme until January next year.

Development Manager Steve Snowdon said: “The scheme will make an important contribution to the generation of renewable electricity within the region.

“At present we are reviewing the details of the consent and expect to be able to provide an outline of our intended delivery programme early in the New Year. At that point we will be able to share further details of how local businesses and communities can benefit from and get involved with the scheme.”

Before the public inquiry last year Peel pledged to give a community benefit fund of between £1.5 and £2.25m if the plans were permitted. It is not clear how much will be given to the communities by Peel who say they will reopen talks on the fund in the New Year.

Talks were suspended last year by community members after plans to spend the money were deemed premature. It is widely considered the money should be used towards a public swimming pool at Helsby High School.