An application for 90 houses on the Countess of Chester Hospital site has been approved.

NHS Property Services now want to sell off the land, just off Upton Grange, to a developer.

Cheshire West and Chester Council’s planning committee approved the application on August 4.

Initially the main objection to the plans was the lack of affordable housing, but 30% of the new homes have now been designated as such.

The focus then turned to car parking as the development area is currently used by hospital staff and visitors. There were concerns this could mean parked cars spilling over on to neighbouring roads.

Upton Councillor Jill Houlbrook said: “If the trust wants residents to be on their side they need to have the community in mind. If there was a travel plan coming forward then this will ease worries.”

But as the car park itself was not subject to planning permission, it could not be considered against the application.

Another concern was protecting the historic water tower and Grade II listed curtilage of the 1829 building on the site, but it was confirmed both of these will be retained.

NHS Property Services own the land which had been deemed surplus to requirements at the Countess.

Their role is to get the best possible return for taxpayers in this situation and selling the area on with planning approval already gained increases its value.

Head of planning and development Andrew Strange said: “The site’s disposal will also bring forward land to help meet the housing needs of the borough.

“With this in mind, we are pleased that an outline planning application for the site’s residential development with up to 90 new homes has now been approved.”

The Upton Grange area has been heavily developed with new houses in recent years.

The site is also located near to the new Countess of Chester Country Park, a green space for the community and managed by a national land management charity, The Land Trust.