COMMUNITIES in Vale Royal are urged to do their bit to help the environment.

Raising waste awareness and making small changes, like re-usable shopping bags and recycling more, can help save you money and the world. Vale Royal Borough Cllr Lynn Riley (Frodsham South) said: “We want homeowners to take a moment to think about picking up their re-usable shopper in the morning and to make an effort to put every yoghurt pot or shampoo bottle in the recycling. “These are not big changes, all they require is a moment’s thought, but over a year they will add up to make a big difference. We are more aware than ever about the cost to the environment, and to our pockets, of producing huge volumes of waste, yet we are continuing to produce more and more of it. This needs to change.”

Vale Royal Borough Council is working hard to reduce the amount of waste its households produce. It has recently added envelopes, except brown, to the list of items that can be recycled at home. Cllr Riley explained: “In just one year each household in Vale Royal produces an average of a tonne of rubbish, which is an enormous amount.

“This just goes to show that if you do your bit you will make a difference.

“By concentrating on decreasing our waste we can not only help the environment but reduce the cost of coping with it and avoid the Government’s excess landfill charges.”