A spectacular festival of Giants could bring thousands of people to Ellesmere Port this summer.

Every year families travel from all over the world to watch as the 14ft Giants parade through the streets of Chester, in one of the biggest crowd-pullers of the cultural calendar.

But this June, the popular carnival will be drawing big numbers to Ellesmere Port, after a confusion over dates saw the giants snapped up by the town’s councillors, who hope the festival will fly the flag for the town.

And it is hoped the first ever all day Giants festival could become an annual summer event in the town, something which town leaders hope will help put Ellesmere Port firmly on the tourist map.

Cllr Justin Madders said the town needed more large scale events to attract tourists and encourage community spirit and fun.

He said: “I am very pleased that the Giants are coming to Ellesmere Port.

“The town needs more events of this type to attract people, generate more community spirit and have a bit of fun.”

The Labour opposition leader added:  “It’s up to us all now to make sure the  event is such a success that if the council invites the Giants back into Chester next year they say that they’ve had such a good experience in Ellesmere Port and been welcomed by us warmly that they don’t want to leave.”

The festival, on June 1, will come after about three months of workshops with up to 40 community groups and  schools, with groups creating outfits for at least 40 Giants.

And it is hoped the highlight of the  festival, the Giants parade, would see groups of the 14ft models being paraded through the town centre from  exits of the Port Arcades before finishing in the Civic Square, where there would be entertainment and activities.

Kristine Szulik, the Giants project manager, said she was excited about  hosting the festival in Ellesmere Port,  something which was made possible by several of the town’s councillors  donating money from their private members’ funds.

 “The carnival needed to be held on that weekend and Ellesmere Port jumped on it,” said Kristine.

“It is quite exciting to be taking the  Giants to Ellesmere Port.”