THE theme of this year’s Christleton Show was memory.

The village hall buzzed with vibrant displays of art, craft and pottery designed to evoke this idea.

The space opposite the church became home to a broad range of work created by young and old, as individuals and in groups.

Memory was an appropriate theme for an event with a history reaching back to 1868.

Following a brief hiatus, the show was restarted by Christleton Parish Council in the 1990s and now plays an active part in village life.

This year it was linked with a project to rejuvenate untended graves with flowers bought by village residents. One of the primary concerns of the show, however, was to celebrate the village’s more creative enterprises.

Independent judges were invited from Chester and North Wales to find winners for ten classes.

Villagers were also able to delve into their own memories to produce imaginative displays based on their own lives. Winner of the Best Display of Photography category was 97-year-old Peggy Wolf who exhibited images from her time as a fashion model in the early 1930s.

Proceeds will be donated to various children’s charities as well as more local concerns.