Pupils from Year 6 at Christ Church CE Primary School, Ellesmere Port, have been writing poetry as part of a First World War topic.

Amongst other areas of learning, the class have been exploring what life would have been like in the trenches.

One poem entitled Lest We Forget by 10-year-old Georgia Suckley reads:

“Lest we forget those that went

By the government they were sent

We remember them by red

However, some remember them with dread

Standing there looking ever so brave

Watching others approaching a grave

Let’s take a moment to salute and bow

To all the great soldiers still alive now.”

Another poem by Nikki Nall-Evans, 10, contains the lines:

“In the war the heavens clasp onto soulless men

Our eyes see this horror in our underground den,

In the war in the mud,

In the war we see gruesome blood”

Roman Turner, 11, wrote:

“Soldiers running in the trench

Stamping on and getting drenched”