TOP price in the silver section at the Halls auction in Shrewsbury went for items of the Cholmondeley family silver.

A pair of silver pedestal salvers by Crichton Brothers, London 1924, engraved with the Cholmondeley family crest, went for £650.

The salvers were presented by the officers of the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards to the Hon T P H Cholmodeley on his marriage on June 14, 1924.

The Christmas prayers of one little girl were answered when her businessman father bought a 2m-tall doll’s house in the style of a George III four-storey town house for £800, after stiff competition from a rival parent.

Christmas gifts were also certain to be among jewellery sold, with a an articulated bracelet making £510, a cultured pearl necklace £460 and an aquamarine and diamond necklace £440.