See what schools in Cheshire got up to for this year's Children in Need

The staff at Belgrave Primary School didn’t forget the unsung heroes in society.

Tim Clifton dressed as a Super Scientist, headteacher Deanne Garratt dressed as school cook and helped serve dinner with Garnette Peace (the real super cook), Michelle Farrell and Lindsey Chaloner. James Moss dressed as a fireman and Jenny Bowle as a policewoman.

The real superhero of the day was Mags Clethro (Pudsey) whose super organisational skills who can be relied upon to organise the Children in Need events every year for the school. 

Staff from Belgrave Primary School who helped raise £565 for Children in Need

As well as dressing up, Dee Point Primary School took part in various superhero themed activities, such as making superhero biscuits, masks and creating superhero dances.

Alligator Class at Dee Point Primary School dress up for Superhero Day in aid of Children in Need

Pupils at Cransley School in Great Budworth held a 'guess the name of the bear' competition to raise money and George Pollock from reception class correctly guessed the name of the bear as 'George'. You can see him here pictured with his bear.

George Pollock from Reception Class at Cransley School

Mollington Pre-School had a Spotty Party. They wore spotty clothes, had spotty face paints, decorated spotty biscuits and played spotty games.

Savannah, Will, Emily, Lucy, Anouska, Sasza and Ava from Mollington Primary School enjoy their Spotty Party for Children in Need

Staff and pupils at St Martin's Primary School came to school dressed as superheroes and quite an array of heroic figures came through the school gates. They welcomed everyone from Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman to a vet, a fireman and a lifeboat crew member.

Bridgegate Class at St Martin's Primary School support Children in Need

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