A YOUNG ambitious couple have taken over a village pub where they went on one of their first dates.

Jess Bourne and Sam Corbett, both 22, recently became the new tenants at The Bull in Shocklach.

The couple, who began going out five years ago having known each other since they were three years-old, have been busy learning the ropes and putting their own stamp on the premises.

They have employed a new chef and with the support of owners Admiral Taverns have changed The Bull from a gastro pub to a steak house.

Jess said: “We knew The Bull well, in fact we went there on one of our first dates and thought it was a great opportunity for us.

“To be honest, when we approached Admiral Taverns we didn’t think we’d get it because of our age, but we obviously made a good impression.

“I’m used to presenting to people so I was able to take the interview in my stride. We felt confident too because we had thoroughly researched the market.

“We’d looked at the competition locally, devised a strong business plan and were able to prove to Admiral that we understood the marketplace and wanted to really differentiate The Bull from other pubs and restaurants locally.”

She added: “We have so many people coming through our doors who have genuinely enjoyed the experience of being treated well by our staff, enjoying a lovely meal and being welcomed to The Bull.

“The feedback has been lovely and people keep coming back.”

Becky Whitlock-Torr, Admiral Taverns’ business development manager for The Bull, said: “They are very clever cookies. I look for people who have passion.

“We can train all the other skills that are needed to run a successful pub, but it’s seeing that someone has energy, drive and the same vision as us for this business that’s vital.”

Managing director Kevin Georgel added: “Their willingness to listen to feedback and take on new ideas makes me confident that with Becky’s support they will go from strength to strength.”