Chester’s Forum Shopping Centre is officially back to pre-recession activity levels according to centre manager Lawrence Allen who has been monitoring steadily growing footfall statistics at the Northgate Street retail emporium.

Increasing visitor numbers have led to improved sales figures which have been reflected in a rapidly growing demand from a variety of retailers for Forum sales units. However the centre is so popular that it now has only one vacant sales unit available for hire.

Lawrence Allen said: “Footfall is rising on a daily basis as we approach Christmas and there is a growing level of confidence among traders that the outlook for trading is now better than it has been for years.”

Chester's Forum Shopping Centre manager Lawrence Allen

At the height of the recession Chester and the Forum, like many other shopping centres, lost a variety of well-known retail names. However, the Forum fought back and the arrival of B&M Bargains in a 10,000 sq ft unit in 2014 marked the start of a new and extensive retail revival.

Now the centre’s tenants include Poundworld, Shoe Zone, Wayne Walker Meats and VIP e-cigarettes.

And that variety in value-for-money brand names has succeeded in attracting significant numbers of shoppers from across Chester and beyond.

"The Forum is back on track"

Lawrence added: “The Forum is back on track offering our growing army of shoppers the very best of a wide range of value for money retail names. Thanks to our convenient proximity to the bus station, to Chester Market and our position at the heart of the city, shoppers can just call into see us when it suits them whether they are looking for a particular purchase or popping in for a warm welcome at the Oasis of Miracles Café, McDonald’s or Blackstocks.

“The Forum continues to play a key role as part of Chester’s vibrant community. In addition to being a covered shopping centre it is a popular meeting place, a window-shopping venue and a handy short-cut to the centre of the city.”