THE art and design department at Chester University has come up with an innovative idea which gives them limitless space to display their pieces to a global market – a virtual gallery.

Second-year students are holding an exhibition in the virtual world of ‘Second Life’.

‘Second life’ is a social networking site which people sign up to, create a character for themselves as well as a home, a job and friends.

Chester University has their own island in this alternative reality where they will exhibit their artwork today (Thursday) from 7-10pm.

Chris Millward, who teaches in the art and design department and is running the project, said: “They have taken photos of their actual designs and then put them on to the website.

“It gives them the chance to experiment with limitless space – one student has blown his design up to 20ft squared, something he would never normally be able to do.”

To see the finished products, go to and search for Art, University of Chester.