CHESTER Town Crier David Mitchell is on top of the world after a visit to the Moscow State Circus.

David swapped his usual position at Chester Cross to walk the high wire - a thin white line 40ft above the circus ring.

David admitted it was a ‘truly scary’ experience.

“I thought I was going to have a bit of a lesson first,” he said. “But I was plunged straight into it. They hoisted me up to the middle of the wire and asked me to walk to the end! I didn’t brave crossing my feet – I just shuffled along.”

David was then invited back on the wire to follow one of the experts.

“He was carrying a pole to balance and he invited me to hold his shoulders. He kept saying ‘relax, relax’, which is not that easy!’

David was a guest of a high wire troupe, part of the Moscow State Circus’ latest show Babushkin Sekret at Chester Racecourse.

The newly devised show includes the queen of Russian circus, Yana Alievia on a revolving aerial chandelier, the Whirlwind Rubsovsm troupe and the juggling Sherbakovs.

The circus is at Chester Racecourse on Friday June 17 at 5pm and 7.45pm and Saturday June 18 at 2pm and 5pm. Prices: Rear Circle restricted view, adult £10 concessions £7, side view, adult £15 concessions £10, grandstand £20 concessions £15, deluxe grandstand adult £25 concessions £18, ringside adult £28 concessions £21.

Box office open on-site from 9am to 9pm.