CHESTER man Rob McInerney is at the forefront of counter-IED operations in Afghanistan.

Rob, 26, a Lance Corporal in 15 Field Support Squadron, Royal Engineers, is currently working in Helmand Province as part of the new Talisman concept which is designed to provide an increased level of assurance along routes throughout the region.

Talisman is a suite of vehicles which have state of the art kit and equipment to allow better countering of the IED threat which is posed in Afghanistan. The kit includes a ‘flying robot’ or a MAV (micro air vehicle) which Rob pilots.

Rob said: “The MAV is a great piece of kit and compliments the rest of the equipment. The MAV has two cameras which feed information back to a laptop so that the commander is then better placed to make decisions.”

Rob has been with 15 Field Support Squadron, based in Ripon, Yorkshire since they re-roled from a Field Support Squadron in which he was a plant operator.

“It has been good to learn something new but I am looking forward to getting back to plant.

“We have been involved in a few contacts on a couple of the operations that we have been on which made the day interesting. The most satisfying part of the tour for me is when we get the guys to their destination safely; after all, that is the aim of our job.”

Rob is also looking forward to getting back to the UK to see his fiancée Laura and his daughter, Anna, five months.

Rob said: “She was born two weeks before I came out here so it will be amazing to see the difference in her now.”

Rob has two other brothers serving in the Army. One is serving with the Royal Signals and the other is due on operations quite soon.