AMATEUR singers from Chester made it to the Wembley Arena stage.

And they not only sung at the iconic venue but were filmed for a TV series on Rock Choir.

A documentary about the phenomenon and founder Caroline Redman Lusher is currently on ITV and tonight’s episode will focus on the performance by 5,500 members in London.

The group from Chester included Jenny Bowle and Catherina Rhodes. Jenny, a teacher at Belgrave Primary School in Westminster Park, said: “It was really exciting. Wembley was full to the rafters and it felt fantastic.”

Rock Choir was founded in 2005 and now has groups in towns and cities all over the country.

Jenny added: “We are only first years but there were groups there from everywhere, including the original Farnham choir. A train was chartered to pick up everyone from the north and there was a fantastic atmosphere on the way down.”

The concert attracted an audience of about 4,500.

To find out more about Rock Choir or to join the Chester groups visit or call 01252 714276.