THE world’s fashion press went crazy after Kate Middleton wore a non-British designer dress last in Canada last week.

But no-one was more surprised than Chester businesswoman Yvonne Roberts – because the dress could have been from her shop.

Yvonne, who has owned Jays of Chester for 27 years, received an email from Dutch fashion house Malene Birger to say that the £285 Bullet dress was bought in Cheshire, and was ‘highly likely’ to have been purchased from her shop in St Michael’s Row, one of only two stockists in the county.

Delighted Yvonne said: “It’s been a really popular dress, but now it’s even more popular. I have reordered it three times now, 14 have been sold and I only have three left.

“This dress was such a good choice for Kate. She is already so regal and dresses so well and the way she conducts herself is spot-on.”

Yvonne, married to former Arsenal footballer John Roberts and mother to celebrity fitness guru Matt Roberts, has always been passionate about fashion but shuns so-called Wag Culture in favour of the understated elegance of designer labels such as Armani, Max Mara and Marella.

However, she does have a soft spot for new mum and former ‘Queen Wag’ Victoria Beckham.

She said: “She gets quite a lot of flack but she really has come into her own – and she has really come up with the goods as a designer.”

Her store is a favourite for celebrities but she remains tight-lipped about who has shopped there.

“Yes, we have had a few well-known faces in here but I think it is important to be discreet,” she said.

“But Chester is such a fabulous city and there is so much going on, who can blame them for coming here?”