A YOUNG man was furious when he discovered photographs of his private parts on Facebook.

Graham Steven Dry blamed his ex-girlfriend Emma Ashley.

The couple had split the previous day and when Dry turned on his computer he found photographs of his private parts, which must have been taken when he was asleep, a court heard on Tuesday.

He went around to her home and caused £700 worth of damage by kicking her front door.

Dry, 20, of Hereford Place, Blacon, Chester, found her at a neighbour’s home and assaulted her by forcing her back with his forehead. Before leaving, he also smashed her mobile phone.

At Flintshire Magistrates’ Court, Mold, Dry admitted assault and two damage charges. In the circumstances he was given a 12 month conditional discharge for the assault.

He was fined £75 on each of the two damage charges and told to pay costs of £100 and compensation of £830 – making a total court bill of £1,080.

Howard Jones, defending, told the court: “It appeared that images of his private parts were placed on Facebook by his partner at the time.

“They had a on-off relationship but had split up the previous day.

“My client contacted the police but they did not do anything about it. Understandably he was angry at what had happened.”

He was frustrated and wanted the photographs taking down.

He pushed her back with his forehead which was an assault but which did not result in any visible injuries.

The court heard how the incident happened on September 3 when Dry went to Emma Ashley’s home in Saltney Ferry.