A MOTHER cried out with joy when the man accused of touching her 12-year-old daughter was found guilty at Chester Crown Court today.

Paul Joseph Walker, 29, of Flag Lane South, Upton, Chester had denied touching the girl after a New Year party at her Ellesmere Port home in the early hours of January 1 this year.

After hearing the victim’s interview on Wednesday, the court heard from members of the girl’s family as well as from close friends who had been sleeping at the house that night.

The court heard how Walker, who lives separately from his girlfriend and two young children, left his then heavily pregnant girlfriend in the main bedroom three times during the night and went into the room where the girl was sleeping.

The first time he did this he was fully clothed and had a brief conversation with the girl, during which he asked where certain people were in the house.

On the second occasion, he stood next to the bunk where she lay and interlocked his fingers with hers while she was half asleep.

During the third and final visit, he held her hand in the same way but then indecently touched the 12-year-old.

After screaming for her mum, Walker is said to have replied: “Your mum’s not here. Your mum’s downstairs.”

This was heard by a friend of the family who was sleeping in the bottom bunk.

After retiring after 10.30am, it took the jury of five men and seven women just over two hours to return a guilty verdict.

Following the announcement, the girl’s mother was comforted by her family in the public gallery while Walker, who had remained calm throughout the trial, closed his eyes and shook his head.

Judge Stephen Clarke adjourned sentence to allow time for a pre-sentence report to be prepared.

Walker was granted bail until September 20, when he will appear before Judge Clarke at Liverpool Crown Court for sentencing.