A CHESTER man has completed a gruelling 100 mile test of endurance around Cheshire’s canal ring, to raise money for the Cheshire Search and Rescue Team.

Dominique Shrubb, 27, began in Runcorn and completed his challenge 17 hours later. The endurance challenge included a 64-mile cycle, 26-mile run and a 10-mile kayak.

The event tested Dom to his limit as he was left for many hours with no back-up after two of his support vehicles broke down.

He was left with a chocolate bar, half a bottle of water and was wearing only shorts and T-shirt in pouring rain.

Dom said: “I spent a day recovering and feel OK, apart from my arm where I damaged my tendons.

“I can recommend it, though, to anyone out there who wants a real challenge, and is short of a few brain cells!”

Joanne McClure of Cheshire Search and Rescue said: “Dom has undertaken months of training for this challenge and I’m extremely proud of him. He is an asset to our team and a wonderful person to be with.”

Early estimates indicate Dom has raised more than £1,000, with money still coming in.

If you would like to donate any money to Dom go to www.everyclick.com/domshrub.