A BROTHER and his elder sister, who he donated a kidney to last year, are now going the extra mile for charity.

The siblings are cycling to Paris for Kidney Research UK – and they’re going on a tandem.

Richard Hayes, 40, of Benton Road, Newtown, and his sister, Rachel, 43, are setting off from London on the gruelling four-day trip on June 29.

Over the 291-mile course, the cyclists will pass through small French villages, market towns and famous battlegrounds before reaching the finish line under the Eiffel Tower.

Rachel, 43, who lives in Reading, was diagnosed with polycystic kidney disease after having her third child 11 years ago.

Richard said: “She had a check up every year, and she was becoming more and more ill and more and more tired.

“She knew she would have to have dialysis or a transplant as she was deteriorating in a straight line.”

In 2008 Richard started a long series of tests to see if he would be a suitable match.

“Luckily I was a match so everything worked out pretty well,” he said.

“If I hadn’t been, then she would have had to go on the list for a donor.”

Since the transplant in February 2010 Rachel has been going from strength to strength.

Richard said: “It was amazing to see her the day after the operation.

“I didn’t realise how grey she was before it until I saw her afterwards with colour in her cheeks.

“It took a few months for her to get better and she was in and out of hospital.

“Every so often, she had a turn for the worse but week by week she was getting better.”

The cycling siblings have already raised about £4,600 for Kidney research UK but are still striving for their £5,000 goal.

To sponsor them, visit www.kidneyresearchukevents.org/richandrach.