MORE than 50% achieved an A, A* or B at A-level at The Bishops’ Blue Coat Church of England High School this year.
Yvonne Blackburn, Head of Sixth Form and Head Teacher Justin Blakebrough said they were absolutely delighted with the results of all the students who had worked hard to achieve their grades.
Mrs Blackburn said: “The results are excellent and are attributable to the hard work and commitment of teachers and students.
“This year 52% of students attained top grades of A*/A and B.  Our top ten students gained 38 A grades between them.  13 of these were the coveted A* grade.”
One in six of our students achieved at least 3 grade A’s at A level and 70% of our students gained a grade A* to C.
Top Students include:
Aaron Bradshaw,  (1 A* and 3 A’s) in biology, chemistry  and art and design and will go Leeds University to study pharmacology
Mary Cooke-Fox, (1 A*, 2 A’s and 1 B) art and design, maths, further maths and physics , and will go to Newcastle University  to study architecture.
Niru Fekri-Arnold, (3 A’s and 1 C) in  English, history, media  and German
 and will go to Queen Mary University London and will study English and film.
Matthew Gwynne, (2 A* and 3 A’s) in
maths, further maths, physics, chemistry and general studies and will go to 
York University to study maths.
Chris Henshaw,   (3 A’s and 1 C), in maths, further maths, physics and chemistry and will go to
York University  to study Maths.
Marc John, (1 A* and 3 A’s) in
maths, further maths, history and geography and will go to 
Cardiff  to study  maths, operational research and statistics.
Phil Lancaster, (1 A*, 1 A and 1 B)
in maths, further maths  and physics
 and will go to Exeter to study maths.
Kirsty Russell, (4 A’s and 1 B)
 in maths, chemistry, biology, French and general studies and will go to 
St. Andrews University to study  medicine.
Josh Thomas, (3 A’s and 1 B)
 in physics, chemistry, D&T and maths  and will got to
Sheffield University  to study Aerospace Engineering.
Aamir Walwyn (2 A* and 2 A’s)
in chemistry, maths, biology,  and music and will got to 
Durham University to study chemistry.
Fiona Waugh, (3 A’s) in
English, drama  and psychology and is undertaking a
gap year and will go to university in 2011