Another car rally is coming to Chester this weekend in a race which is the forerunner of the Wales Rally GB that visited the city last Friday.

The RAC Rally of the Tests arrives in the city centre this Sunday (November 6) on its third and final day after 750-miles from the start in Bournemouth.

Bridge Street and Watergate Street will be closed to normal traffic for up to eight-and-a-half hours from 10.30am.

The race, which finishes at 5pm, promises to bring the same excitement, noise and smells as the Wales Rally GB.

Interestingly, the RAC Rally of the Tests is the 'daddy' of its more high profile relative with origins dating back to 1932.

In 1960, the event evolved into the RAC Rally of the Forests which eventually became known as the Wales Rally GB.

But during its post-war form it developed a focus on driving tests and navigational challenges which is the spirit recaptured in this modern day event which sees classic rally cars competing against each other.

Organisers say: “The 2016 RAC Rally of the Tests, in association with the Historic Endurance Rally Organisation (HERO) and the Royal Automobile Club, will see 100 competitors enter an epic three-day drive from Bournemouth to Chester, taking on a number of competitive driving challenges along the way.

“Period classic competition cars will be pitched against one another as the RAC returns to the competitive motorsport calendar for the modern running of an event it created back in the 1930s.”

Entrants gather in Bournemouth for the start of the 2016 RAC Rally of the Tests on Thursday, November 3, which begins with a prologue event. From then until 5pm on Sunday November 6, they will be in competition.

The organisers explain: “The event of course tests rally driving and navigational skills, but it also challenges crews’ regularity skills – this is where competitors have to drive a particular section of public road within a specified time.

“They are given a start time and finish time ahead of each section and must stick to the stated times: no earlier and no later, or penalties are imposed.

“The test is thus one of a driver and navigator’s ability to maintain a strict average speed of 22mph in order to give them the best possible chance of arriving on time.”

Special driving tests take place along the way on private land. These may include timed slalom challenges, autotest-style manoeuvring events and timed sprints.