FROM the moment Ruby Dyson was born, her mum knew she’d be the family jewel.

The birth of the little girl means there are now five generations of females alive in her family.

The age gap between her and her great-great nan, Betsy Wall, of Cheltenham Road, Ellesmere Port is 97 years.

In between them are her mum Lisa Atkins, 23, of Holm Drive, Elton, her nan, Jayne Trousdale, 49, also of Holm Drive, and her great nan, Ann Trousdale, 72, of Woodfall Lane, Little Neston.

Mum, Lisa Atkins, 23, was delighted when she found out she was having a girl.

She said: “When we went for the 20 week scan they said it was probably a girl but not to go out and buy loads of pink things, but we did anyway. It was just too hard to resist.

“I really wanted a girl. I knew that if she was a girl that it would make it five generations.

“When she was born we didn’t check her for about 20 minutes. We just knew she was a girl.”

Ruby was born on April 18, 2011, at the Countess of Chester Hospital weighing 6lbs 8oz.

Lisa , a secretary in Frodsham, Cheshire said that there is a special relationship between mothers and their daughters.

She said: “My mum was so excited when she found out her daughter was having a child, and especially because it was a girl.

“I think it’s a different bond that mums have with their daughters.”

Although it is a female-dominated family, there are a few men as well.

Betsy has two sons as well as her daughter, Ann, and Ann also has a son.