A GANG of four young people admitted harassing a man in his camper van.

Liam Haddaway, 22, of Tarvin Road, Boughton, Amy Sneider, 22, of The Grove Road, Mollington, Yasmine Blundell, 20, of Great Sutton and James Parry, 22, of Ellesmere Port, pleaded guilty to harassing Marcus Conder over a period of five months.

Prosecuting, Rob Youds told Chester magistrates Mr Conder had allegedly reversed his vehicle into a car owned by Sneider in 2008, after which the defendants sought to target him in his US-style camper van, parked on the Roodee car park in Chester.

They appeared a total of four times at night in their vehicles, circling the van, throwing eggs and yoghurt at it, while shouting and insulting Mr Conder.

Parry, speaking on behalf of himself and the other defendants, said: “We are extremely remorseful. No harm was intended but in retrospect it was. ”

Magistrates imposed a 12-month conditional discharge on the four, to run with a restraining order forbidding any contact with Mr Conder.

They were also told to each pay £85 prosecution costs.