All three glass canopies at the council HQ in Chester have now failed after the third one smashed to the ground this week.

Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWaC) fitted new-style replacements at the first two affected canopies after a member of staff was injured when a glass panel fell to the ground.

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But a third old-style canopy was left in situ despite safety concerns raised by The Chronicle.

On Wednesday (May 25) this canopy suffered the same fate when a glass panel fell onto a walkway and an underground car park ramp. At this stage it is not known if there were any injuries or damage.

This is the third and remaining glass canopy to fail on the council side of the HQ building.

Issues first arose last November when there were two separate instances of panels shattering at adjacent entrance ways which the council claimed was most likely caused by objects falling from above even though the windows in HQ cannot be opened.

A female council officer suffered a cut leg during the first occurrence which happened at 8.05am on November 4, affecting a canopy on a pedestrian walkway circling the building which is due to become the entrance to a new Miller & Carter Steakhouse this summer.

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Following a second instance overnight on November 18, above the main entrance, a decision was made to remove the remaining glass panels in the two affected canopies so they could be tested by the glass manufacturer, although the third canopy was left in place.

The Chronicle asked the council at the time: “Why is the third canopy being left in situ given the previous incidents and previous inspections that failed to detect a problem?”

A walkway around HQ has been cordoned off following the latest canopy problems.

The answer came back: “The glass in this canopy has been left in place following on from the advice provided by High Access and the Architectural Consultants which state the canopies are fit for purpose and meet current British Standards.”

CWaC explained that following the incidents a daily visual inspection was taking place from ground level to look for any cracks or debris which may cause an issue if not addressed.

Canopies involved in the first two incidents have since been replaced with laminated rather than toughened glass.

Glass fragments on the car park ramp below the latest canopy to smash.

Cllr David Armstrong, cabinet member for legal and finance, said at the time: “The canopies outside HQ reception and the adjacent ground floor unit have been fitted with replacement glass panels following two separate incidents last year where the glass failed.

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“The glass which failed met all current regulations and was fit for purpose. Following investigations, it has been concluded that the most likely explanation is that an object fell from above, causing the glass to shatter.”

Neighbouring hotel Abode, whose entrance includes a glass canopy, has been kept informed about the glass panels failing.

The Chronicle is awaiting an updated statement from the council on the latest occurrence.