Members of a gang of burglars said to have targeted Asian families for the gold they had in their homes will be unable to go ‘cold calling’ on people on their release.

Gang members were jailed for a total of 42 years and nine months for offences that included burglaries in Chester and Wirral.

Judge Niclas Parry said that they had caused great concern to the Asian community and they had also targeted the elderly and the vulnerable.

The case was mentioned again on Friday so that criminal behaviour orders could be made.

Some of them objected on the basis they were jobbing builders, roofers and gardeners and would be unable to work and support their families on their release.

But Judge Parry over-ruled the objections and said that the burglars would be subject to criminal behaviour orders ranging between five and eight years, depending on the prison sentences they received.

It meant that when they were released from prison the orders would last for five years.

He said he was balancing their rights to work against the interests of the public who he said would no doubt be greatly reassured to know that convicted burglars could not enter their properties under pretence.

Judge Parry told the court that in the cases of those who had not objected to the orders, he had decided not to impose a condition that they should not associate together.

He also rejected a prosecution suggestion that they should make their bank balances available on request to the police.

But the order does mean that they cannot drive vehicles not registered in their own names.

They can drive other vehicles but only with the consent of the registered keeper.

Similar orders were made in relation to mobile phones.

The earlier hearing was told the whole conspiracy involved 37 burglaries in Chester, Wirral and the Welsh borders, and the Midlands.

It was planned, sophisticated ‘gang crime’ and involved the deliberate targeting of property, the judge said.

Stolen cars had been used and the court heard that burglars got clothes from charity shops – including Beatle wigs – to disguise themselves.

They were forensically aware with evidence of scenes being cleaned, latex gloves being used and bleach being poured to prevent possible detection and many bleach bottles were recovered from the vehicles used.

Property to the value of more than £100,000 had been stolen.

Asian families’ homes were deliberately targeted, the judge said, because offenders believed that high value gold would be in their homes.

“The conspiracy caused great concern to the Asian community,” he said.