THREE members of a family that grew up in Chester are looking to trace memories of their school days.

Brothers David and Alan Howell, and their sister Moira Howell, have been prompted to trace the childhood years of their lives by the death of their mother.

They are hoping to find pictures, images and memories of the places they went to school in the 1960s and early 1970s.

All have moved away from the North West through work but still have a tie to the area considering it as their ‘home’.

David started attending Abbey Gate School in Chester, located at the time on the junction of Parkgate Road and Walpole Street, at the age of four in 1962.

Alan joined David at the school a couple of years later, then Moira three years after that. Moira left Abbey Gate in 1974.

They have vague memories of the main school building, canteen, the boys’ toilets, the entrance gates and playgrounds.

The school is currently located in Hoole but in exchanges of correspondence, the school has said it has no pictures or other images of the time the school was located in Walpole Street.

Both boys later attended Ellesmere Port Grammar School that became Whitby County Comprehensive School, whereas Moira attended Queen’s Park High School.

They all now live south of Birmingham but are hoping to hear from anyone who has memories of the Abbey Gate School, which was demolished after they left the school, or have photographs of the buildings and playgrounds that formed the school they attended.

Anyone who can help can write to David Howell, 13 Osborn Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 9QT, or call 01252 714293.