Students at a Chester high school have enjoyed a valuable glimpse behind the scenes of recording studio.

The Bishops' High School Choir and Soul Band were invited to SAE Institute in Liverpool for a recording session.

This was a wonderful opportunity for the pupils to work in a professional studio with sound engineers, music producers and experts in the music industry.

The Soul Band singers - Ellie Maton, Josie Roberts and Ruby Miller

Student Evie Adams said: “I loved going to the recording studio - it was exciting and enjoyable and something I’ve never had the opportunity to do before. The staff there were very welcoming and engaging and I can’t wait to hear the finished recording.”

Her sister Lily, also a member of the 25 strong group, said: “It was very exciting to see all the recording equipment, the mixing desks and microphones that are used to record music. It was great to be able to record a song that we are all already proud of in choir.

“During our time there we were assigned a recording room, had our photo taken, were taken to a green room to warm up, and then recorded a few takes of our song Don’t Stop Believing.

“Overall it was an amazing time and I would love to do it again.”