Chester author claims cold caused City Walls to fall down

Geoff Nelder's book Chester Climate: Past and Present has been reissued

Author and former geography teacher Geoff Nelder has reissued his book Chester Climate Past and Present which claims it was once so cold the City Walls fell down

There may be a chill in the air but is it cold enough for Chester’s City Walls to fall down?

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According to Chester author and former geography teacher Geoff Nelder this is just a case of old news.

The former Queen’s Park High School geography master goes on to claim in a new edition of his book Chester Climate: Past and Present that trees have been uprooted in the city centre and that a church killed a child.

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Geoff's book also chronicles when it has been cold enough for the River Dee to freeze over.

The frozen River Dee in 1929(Image: Miss Haynes-Thomas)

The latest edition of the non-fiction ebook was released on January 4, 2017 and also answers more mundane questions like:

  • Did the mid 20th Century have the best summers?
  • Are we due for the storm of centuries?
  • How is the Chester climate suitable for farming?

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This 40-page booklet was inspired by extremes of temperature and rain in the 1980s and was first published in 1985 when it sold out. This edition is substantially the same but with a couple of pages at the end updating temperature and air pollution trends.

Currently it is sold as an ebook readable on your computers, tablets, Kindles, smartphones etc but a paper version will be out soon.

Geoff, 69, has more than 80 stories and six novels published along with many articles on cycling.

The book is available for £1.62 via paypal.

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