Jewellery store worker Philamena Dilworth said “I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do” when asked whether she wanted to perform an Abba song on ITV’s Daybreak.

Philamena, who works as a sales associate for Ernest Jones in Eastgate Street, Chester, was one of several members of the public asked to sing for a slot on the morning show celebrating 40 years since the Swedish super group won the Eurovision Song Contest.

Phily, who belted out Dancing Queen, as her colleagues watched on, said before her performance: “I’m a bit nervous because I will probably sound horrendous. But either people know me and they know me or they don’t and it doesn’t matter.

“I do like Abba actually. I like Dancing Queen and Knowing Me, Knowing You.”

Phily, of Kelsall, spotted Daybreak reporter Katy Fawcett, whose fiance is former soap star turned pop star Adam Rickitt, scouring the streets for karaoke queens.

She explained: “I was being nosey and I’d like to be on the telly. She caught my eye and I caught her eye.”

Phily, who at the age of 40 was only just emerging into the world when Abba hit the big time, has never been on TV before.

“Not that I’m aware of but you never know!” joked Phily, who admits she is not lacking in self-confidence.

Colleague Sophie Pugh said: She just’s a lovely person, she’s easy to get along with and she works hard.”

Co-worker Jayne de Costa joked: “You’re just nuts, aren’t you, Phily? She brightens up our Sundays.”

It’s 40 years since Abba won the Eurovision Song Contest in Brighton – a victory that started their meteoric rise to super group status with millions of fans around the globe.

When the four-piece stepped on to the stage accompanied by a man dressed as Napoleon to deliver their country's entry for the competition, they were virtually unknown.

The audience at the 1,700-seat Brighton Dome on April 6, 1974, had no idea how huge the Swedish group, which performed Waterloo, would become. Most of them were concentrating on the UK entry, Olivia Newton John with her song Long Live Love.