Cheshire West residents urged to quit the habit on No Smoking Day

Find out about the health and financial benefits of quitting for good

Smokers are being urged to quit(Image: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire)

West Cheshire residents are being urged to break the habit as part of national No Smoking Day.

Taking place today (Wednesday, March 8) anyone looking to quit the habit for good can contact their local stop smoking service and find out more about the range of support available.

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A 10-a-day smoker who decides to quit completely could save themselves about £23.50 a week - more than £1,200 a year. For those with a 20-a-day habit this rises to about £2 500 a year.

Cabinet member for communities and wellbeing, Cllr Louise Gittins, said: “Only one in 20 smokers who attempt to quit without professional support stop for good.

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“The best chance for quitting smoking is to use your local Stop Smoking Service, which will offer support and prescriptions for a stop smoking medicine, as well as nicotine replacement therapy. This can improve a smoker’s chance of quitting by up to four times.

“Smokers who quit for good can save themselves thousands of pounds and improve their health. The benefits of quitting can be felt within days. Using a Stop Smoking Service gives you the best chance of success.”

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To start your stop smoking journey contact ‘smokefree’ to 66777, call 0800 622 6968 or go to

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